Marcus – the Bodysmith – and being a healthy adult with Down syndrome

Choosing where to work out and who to work out with is an important factor in anyone’s fitness success. Finding a trainer who is knowledgeable as well as making you comfortable isn’t as easy as pointing to the first website or billboard.

And HOLY COW, I don’t know about your neighborhood, but mine is packed with workout options.

I knew I wanted to write about the gym Marcus is a part of as I brainstormed ideas before the blog began. Then the subject came to the forefront when this headline appeared across my networks: Teen with Down syndrome turned away from gym.[1]

The story flashed me back to nearly 23 years ago when I called literally every daycare in the small college town we lived in to find a place for Marcus while I went to school. No one would accept him...

BMR-Metabolism-Thyroid-OH MY! (part 1 of being a healthy adult with Down syndrome)

OK, Americans are fat. Everyone knows this, right? And the worst part about it is, we know better. We’re not just fat, we’re fat on purpose. We all know fast-food is bad, but the lines of cars still roll through. We know processed food will kill us, but summer grills are covered with hot dogs. And don’t get me started on portion sizes. OK, well just this one…

I went to a movie the other day and for the first time in years I saw a bag of popcorn that wasn’t a bucket. It was called the “smaller.”

Brilliant! American’s (apparently) won’t buy a “small popcorn,” but they may buy a smaller (than-the-bucket) popcorn. It’s simultaneously hilarious, sad, and true.

Given all of this, a person with a lower BMR doesn’t have a chance.

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