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Hello Friends, Today I have an article in the Crime section of the Huffington Post. For the moment it is included on the “Front Page.” For the Love Of God, don’t go there. I can tell you in all honesty, it is the last page I ever would want to send you or even have an article/blog included within. Trust me. However, I am still sad and sickened, and I’m sure you are too, about the death of Ethan Saylor, and here’s the deal, more people still have to be made aware of this situation of there

Reading, Writing, and The Slow Burn – Free Write Friday

Free write FridayI read a copy, the first copy actually, of a new short story book last night, and I have to tell you, I really enjoyed bits. I think my favorite is a story called “Lucky Shoes,” about a man named Q and his quirky relationship with his shoes. It’s speculative fiction, but not too sciency or dark. Still, I laughed at a bit of the social commentary. I wonder if you’ll like it too? I hope to know soon, as the Kindle edition may

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Everyone Shines at the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Event

Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx and Marisa Tomei were among several stars who recently walked the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Fashion Show runway in Denver, Colorado.

Foxx walked with two young models who showed off sparkling dresses and confident moves.

Tomei walked with the author of the children’s book, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band,

Marcus Sikora, from Omaha.

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Everyone Needs Help

A Gift From the Universe to Change the World

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