Creating Begins with What If

Creation Begins with “What If?”

The thing about What if is that it’s the beginning of…everything. Every successful entrepreneur asks, What if? Every inventor, every teacher, and every person who creates asks, what if?

Then there are the people who nurture people, often (but not limited to) those people who create people, parents we call them, so many what ifs….

What ifs that keep you up at night. What ifs that you celebrate. What ifs you didn’t even think of…

From before our children are even born until forever.

In advocacy we encourage others to think

Attack of the Puppets!

Marcus was small for a long time. If he were born now, with today's safety rules, he would probably would have be in some sort of car seat device until he was a 13 or so. Seriously, he was small for a long time. And then, it seems like overnight, he wasn't. But that's not what I'm going to tell you about, I'm going to tell you about one day as he rode in the front seat of the car while Quinn was driving.

As we have already discussed, Marcus has an active imagination and he's not afraid to tell his stories to those around him or himself. When I shared about the self-talk , I had this conversation on Twitter with a few other parents from across the world:

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MarcusLand – Fun Friday

Marcus is sitting on his, well, where you sit, holding a full basket of laundry and sliding down the stairs.

One of the to-do's on his list is to take laundry downstairs, but he feels a little too unsteady to carry it down the stairs any other way.

So down he goes, one step at a time.

I can hear him, as I sit reading blogs and perusing Twitter. I hear him say MarcusLand in a just over whisper. The voice he has when he's forming an idea.

Then, "Hey Mardra-"


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