Yes, My Son, an Adult with Down Syndrome Lives at Home

The first thing you should know is this: Marcus is an adult with Down syndrome and he lives with us, not because he has to but because we want to live together. Like millions, really, well over 6 million, families with adult children who live “at home” in the US today, this is the best option for us right now.

For the first 23 years or so, the most common question I received about Marcus was: “What will you do when he grows up?”

Now the most common question is: “Will he always live with you?”

I have an answer for this.


This well thought out answer is based on the following factors:

Marcus Talks About Moving Out

house for saleOn a recent walk around the block, Marcus noticed the house for sale a few down from ours and proclaimed, “I’ll buy it.” Wishful thinking for that kind of disposable income aside, this is a point worth discussing.


It gave me the opportunity to remind him, “To have your own house, you have to keep it clean.”

“I’ll do it myself.” He replied.

“You have to do your own laundry and you’ll have to cook all your own

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Independence and Walking Around the Block

Marcus Muscles at Bodysmith Aug 2012We’ve talked about how important movement is to brain health. And as you may have surmised, we are Americans. Americans don’t like to move much, or even if they do like to move, they don’t. Most of what we consider productive is done with minimal movement. Some people use movement as part of what entertains them, those people do not live in our house. In fact, whereas we may like some of those people, we certainly don’t understand


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