School Choices – Part 1

“Great, some sick doctor who pops the heads off of dolls decides the requirements for my child’s school placement.” Did I say that out-loud? Or just think it? Truthfully I can’t remember.

What I remember for sure is, the whole testing event didn’t go well. We assured the psychologist Marcus could communicate with a minimum of 20 words and signs, but on this day he sat with his big blue eyes just watching the woman, tight lipped and hands down.

Not a word. Not a sign.

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What Forces People into Sheltered Workshops?

workshop pic


In my ongoing rant about the shifting tide for sheltered workshops, here’s the next question:

Does the mere existence of the sheltered workshop format limit options for those who will be better served by broader opportunities within the community?

Yes, it appears to be the case. I can literally hear in my mind the conversation–“Why do you (company) not employ those who are differently abled?” and the Dickens’ reply comes, “Are there not sheltered workshops? Institutions? Places for these people to be held?”


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