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2016-MarcusMom Hug-053Marcus isn’t always great at direct question and answer. Prepositions and pronouns are sometimes hard for him to grasp and answer. Directions like up/down/under…are very hard for him. However, he’s very good at grasping abstract thought, he has communicated/shown me this for years in ways broader and bigger than just words.

This is part of why I decided to share this fun experiment here – because you can really see his capacity for perception in ways bigger and broader than just

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Marcus and Quinn and The Count

Soooo, as you know, Marcus and Quinn spend time every Sunday recording their voices and generally amusing themselves in a program called ProTools. Mostly, it is Marcus directing Quinn to do voices from various animated TV shows or similar. Well – Today I stumbled upon this in my old files and being October, I thought it would be fun to share:


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