Ethan’s Law and an Unedited Rant

Hello readers, as you can imagine our excitement grows with every day closer to our deadline. As of today we are almost halfway to our five thousand dollar goal and have twenty-five days left on the clock.

This past week I was fortunate enough to watch Patti Saylor accept the honor of Advocate of the Year from the National Down’s Syndrome Society. The evening was bittersweet and full of reminders of the steps taken to transcend her son’s death.

Ethan Saylor – Nearly One Year

What is merely a nightmare to me is truth to another.

Nearly one year ago Patti Saylor drove to a local movie theater to help her son, Ethan, get a new movie ticket or convince him it was time to come home, and by the time she arrived he lay dead on the theater floor.

I do not know Patti Saylor and I never knew Ethan.

I love someone who also could have died in that situation.


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