When was the unexpected better than what you expected?


Unexpected Vs Expected


CYWWI think the key to making this question “free your mind from negativity” is to go with the first answer – without overthinking it – that pops in your mind, because that is the most honest answer from your body, and maybe your brain.

 As usual, I had high expectations about the eloquent words and experiences I wanted to share to illustrate this point, and instead I am going to give you a mash-up of the randomness
that has

Crazy like a Rock Star

I’m going public with two unspoken truths:

1) Singing Karaoke is scary.

It is.

Why do you think people get drunk before they do it?

Because it’s scary.

2) I like karaoke bars.

It’s true.

I like the whole karaoke experience.

Often, the moments I like the best is when a group of several singers take the stage and “rock out,” both on key and off. I can tell you, it’s unusual that anyone who actually knows the song is holding a microphone. But they smile and dance and sing their hearts out. The sound can be, let’s say - off - but the festivity, the merriment of the moment is palpable. I love to see it.

The fact is I like to witness people having a good time. I like to watch happy.

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