Ten Lessons from the FTSF Blogging Community

Sundays are my most guarded day. It’s the morning that I get to write. Then, throughout the day I do the prep and caring duties of laundry and cooking and bills and other what-nots necessary to be ready for the coming week. Also, Sundays I take time to read other blogs.

Several Sundays ago, while reading the variety of words that my friends at the Finish the Sentence Friday blog hop gang created, I thought, I learn so much from this scattered group of writers. So, I popped an email to the fearless co-leader, Kristi and said, let’s talk

7 Lessons Learned And/Or Affirmed at NDSC

Here's one we took: Here’s one we took:

1) 1000 True Fans starts with One.

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, isn’t for everyone, but those who it is for

– LOVE it!

We heard of families at the show whose kids read and read again the storybook. Here’s a great share from our first biggest little fan from the conference: 

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What No One Told Me About NDSC Conventions

I said Marcus would Never…

Five years ago I wrote in an article that published in the Omaha World Herald that Marcus would never live independently. I did. I said it like an undeniable fact.

Then Again…

house for saleTwo years ago I wrote, “Marcus Talks about Moving Out.”

This last weekend I recognized in him even more independence and he and I talked about a “Marcus Meeting” where we will tackle some of his life goals, like an apartment and (gulp)

A Life of Learning

Marcus at AshlingIn those first days, when I read about and filled up on “Down syndrome,” one point I held onto was the capacity to learn. I also read that people with Down syndrome, given the opportunity, continue learning. The words “reaching potential” really stuck out to me and I’ve focused on this many times over the years. Perhaps it’s also the protagonist portion of my psyche – but I always think, We can Still do that.  Both “everyday” and  academic milestones, Marcus continues to learn. I try

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