After Each Fall, I…


Perhaps I carried more weight than I could bear.

Perhaps I mismanaged the weight,

or I’ve just tried to move ahead too quickly without watching the path.

After each fall, I rise a little damaged,

a little bruised,

a little shaken by the misstep.

My knees in particular, the key movable joints to my personal progress, are scraped, swollen, and sometimes stiffen in protest.

Let’s rethink this, they tell me. Take a minute before going again.

After each fall I

Marcus taught me something…again

Marcus' *First* Favorite Blond Marcus’ *First* Favorite Blond

While at a restaurant with a friend, Marcus spotted a waitress who was, as he is oft to mention, “My favorite blond.”*

The thing was, as we prepared to leave, he insisted that I go tell this young lady. Instead, I tried to convince him, maybe we’d see her next time. We could tell her later…

No. It had to be today. It had to be now. I sighed and conceded.

We had a short

7 Lessons Learned And/Or Affirmed at NDSC

Here's one we took: Here’s one we took:

1) 1000 True Fans starts with One.

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, isn’t for everyone, but those who it is for

– LOVE it!

We heard of families at the show whose kids read and read again the storybook. Here’s a great share from our first biggest little fan from the conference: 

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