“Learning To Drive” Movie Review, Lessons, and Good News!

In Learning to Drive, Michael has Down syndrome, is determined to deliver his mother’s ashes to the Grand Canyon, and although he has a strong desire to learn, doesn’t have a license to drive.

What are the Odds – Brian Long

Brian and Connor Long Brian and Connor Long

Alright kids, another treat today as we continue the What are the Odds? Series Today we’re hearing from Brian Long, self-proclaimed Dadvocate.

First however, I must tell you that one of the inspirations for the What are the Odds? series was me thinking about the odds of having a child with Down syndrome, like, at all. Mark Leach recently (the same day I started this series coincidentally) reshared his What are the Odds post from a

The Best Video You WIll See Today!!!!!

Alright Friends – I mean it.

Step 1) Watch this Video



SMarcus and Connor Longtep 2) Go to Indie GoGo Check out this project, Learning to Drive.


Step 3) Give yourself a gift. Donate what you can.

*For example, Only $30 donation helps the cause and get YOU a copy of the movie and soundtrack (digital) upon release! It’s really like a preorder.


Step 4) If we all do step 1-3 – step 4 is SEE THE MOVIE. 🙂


More details forthcoming.


PS: Optional Step 2.5)

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