Day In the Life – and What a Day!

Resharing this post, a little #TBT, WOW! such fun to look back at the building of Black Day, the auditioning for the Global events, this was a pretty “normal” day in those days…A_Day_in_the_Life_Stacked_4cI love this #LifeWithDs concept, the Day in the Life idea. I love that it gives folks a chance to see the real day-to-day, the normalization of what life is like for our families. Sooooo, it

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Your Day, Change the World, and LifewithDs

Here on Change the Your World Wed I want to share a project spearheaded by another momma - Meriah Nichols - #LifewithDs Even if, well actually, especially if you don’t have a forum of your own, like a blog or website, go to this spot A Day In the Life with Down Syndrome and share “a day in the life.” Parents, self-advocates, siblings, and/or friends and caregivers, anyone who is a part of the Ds community is welcome to share their story about a day in the life.

Five Ways We Are Celebrating WDSD – Join Us!



World Down Syndrome Day!!!!!!


Seriously. I love that 3-21 is World Down Syndrome Day.

This year 3-21 falls on a Saturday and you know what that means…Stuff to do all weekend long! This week is a huge gear up and we are all Go Go Go!

Who? What? Where? How can you join in, too? Well my friends, you’ve stopped at the right place ‘cause I’m giving you the skinny right now on


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