I Wish I Knew


I wish I knew…Oh my, we could be here a while. There is no end to what I wish I knew. To what I want to know. To what I am trying to learn and what I wish was just deposited into my tiny brain without me having to work so damn hard for it!

bubblesLately I’ve been reflecting and noticing what I’ve learned over the last few years especially about medical and social issues relating to disability, of course most specifically

Marcus’ Answer to The Daily Mail


What One Young Man with Down Syndrome Wants You to Understand


Yesterday I learned a little bit about a man with Down syndrome named Stephen, and his mother, who wished he had never been born. I don’t know much except what I read from a tabloid article written by his mother. When Stephen was very young, about three years old he cried in the night, a lot. He cried for many hours because of…Pain? Confusion? The article did not say, it was not his story, it was his mother’s, so we learned that she

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Speak the Truth

speak the truthThere is a sign that I think of often.

It says, “Speak the Truth, Even if Your Voice Shakes.”

On Saturday I joined in with other local writers from the Fine Lines Journal who read our works out-loud. Poetry, prose, short stories – I decided to read my blog about “The Good Life,” as this event was the day after World Down Syndrome Day.

I stood with the

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Poking the Future with a Stick

When Marcus and I arrived at the courthouse today we ran into one of his former co-workers. Last Spring this coworker shared with me that her sister had just given birth to a daughter with Down syndrome. This was not suspected prenatally and the mother struggled with the diagnosis. At that time, the co-worker told me that her sister cried and cried all the time, devastated by this. Marcus’ coworker told her about Marcus, how he worked at the printing company with her, how happy he seemed to her.

Sigh. I wish I could reach her. I wish I could hold this mother and her baby both in my arms.

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