Coming Out of the “Special School” Closet (Again)


Let’s talk a little about my view from the private-special-school-closet where I wave outside but often wait to tell other advocates/parents of our choice to enroll Marcus in a “special school.”

Benefits of Inclusion in the Public Schools


I admit, there is absolutely no doubt, inclusion of students with special needs in the general-ed classrooms which offer a safe and positive environment are beneficial to all of the students and community. I am familiar with the research that shows students in inclusive classrooms are often more

Madonna School – From Magical Moments to Working Wonders

At this time last year, my writing, my energy and my focus was spent primarily on the Madonna School Celebration event. My mad-party reputation got me the gig, I’m pretty sure, and I spent over a year planning a magical evening. With the help of the talented Jeff Quinn, Jennifer Haase, Curtis Neesen and the Madonna School students, the room practically levitated.

If in doubt, check out this awesome video...

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