Momaha Feature on Marcus’ Birthday

OK – so maybe it was nearly a month ago, we’ve been busy. 🙂 

Let’s sit like new friends over coffee and I’ll tell you about my son. He turns 26 today and he’s had a really big year. I don’t want to be a show-off, but…I am his mom and I am proud. Like the time a few years ago when I sat with another new friend (instead over wine) and we talked for hours, filled in the blanks by adding exposition to our ideas, days and dreams. Our sons were similar ages, just into

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KETV and Marcus For the Win!

Four years ago Marcus played a walk-on role with the touring cast of Broadway Across America’s Mary Poppins Cast. His first words the next morning, as we looked together at the article on the front page of The Omaha World Herald: “I won!”

Then a few years later, and a few years ago, Marcus bravely faced another situation new to him, he auditioned for a placement as a model for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s big Be Beautiful, Be Yourself event. The audition night was an incredible experience, feel free to

In the Omaha World Herald

Mother-son creative team hope kids’ book is a monster hit” – By Mike Kelly

» Each Sunday for the past decade, Mardra Sikora and son Marcus have sat down to brainstorm ideas for stories.

Marcus, 25, has Down syndrome, and life surely doesn’t keep him down. Next month he will travel with his mother to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and elsewhere promoting his Halloween-themed children’s book, “Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.”
The book is “by Marcus Sikora with Mardra Sikora,” and she says the tale is definitely his own — a monster band that is alive for only

Down Syndrome and Anything Can Happen (if you let it)

So, there we were, day of the show and being followed by reporters and photographers. Marcus was learning his stage places from Geoffry, I watched…


And also a little jealous.

What Marcus was doing and going to do was pretty darn cool. And scary. And cool.MP Stuff

That was three Years ago today. Marcus went on stage as “Kite Boy” and performed WITH the Broadway Across America cast of Disney’s Mary Poppins.  Not just a rehearsal. Not a pretend. Not a Meet-and-greet. He walked on stage, acted and sang with these stars of

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