The Real Challenge

What One Young Man with Down Syndrome Wants You to Understand


Yesterday I learned a little bit about a man with Down syndrome named Stephen, and his mother, who wished he had never been born. I don’t know much except what I read from a tabloid article written by his mother. When Stephen was very young, about three years old he cried in the night, a lot. He cried for many hours because of…Pain? Confusion? The article did not say, it was not his story, it was his mother’s, so we learned that she

Teachers Among Us

speech note

Imagine living in a world where people of influence openly claim someone you love is not worthy of life? Can you imagine what it’s like to have your own child’s value, as a human being, debated? A world where you regularly encounter the opinion of scientists and doctors who are literally working to eliminate the entire segment of humanity of which your child is a part…and it all happens without public outrage.

It’s not hard for me to imagine

Marcus taught me something…again

Marcus' *First* Favorite Blond Marcus’ *First* Favorite Blond

While at a restaurant with a friend, Marcus spotted a waitress who was, as he is oft to mention, “My favorite blond.”*

The thing was, as we prepared to leave, he insisted that I go tell this young lady. Instead, I tried to convince him, maybe we’d see her next time. We could tell her later…

No. It had to be today. It had to be now. I sighed and conceded.

We had a short


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