The Letter that Rocked my World


Last week Google led me to a letter written by a 6th grader that rocked my world.

The letter was a state level winner of the Letters About Literature contest sponsored by the Library of Congress. It was written to author Beth Vrabel about her book, Pack of Dorks.  I was previously unaware of this chapter book series. Although I don’t know how, because they appear to

Why does Marcus have First Billing on the Book Black Day: The Monster Rock Band?

black day titlep

Today let’s discuss why Marcus Sikora, a young man with Down syndrome, has first credit for the book and why this is even a question.

Writing about Creating.

I’ve written many words trying to share with you how the writing process with Marcus works. Most of those words still lay jumbled on a page not yet shared; they don’t touch the impact of the process. Some

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Top Q & A about #BlackDayBook from our trip(s)

Most common Q & A on the road so far and advice from Marcus to the kids.

Marcus singing BDBQuestion – Do you play an instrument?

Marcus – Yes.  The microphone.

Q – Who is your favorite character?

M – Skeleton Pumpkin Head

Q – Where did you get the idea?

M – While staying in a cabin at Mahoney State Park

Q – How long did it take you to write the book?

(About a year. Then another few years to edit, publish, and produce.)

Q – Is it scary?


Darth Oz Hates Down Syndrome

Confession: Sometimes Sunday starts and I don’t feel like Broadway List (Sunday morning writing time with Marcus). Maybe I’ve got my mind full of my own to-do list, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m just a little too, whatever, to encourage and document Marcus’ enthusiasm. There have been times I’ve asked him to postpone, maybe later that day or maybe even later in the week we will write together. It’s not easy to talk him into this, he very enthusiastically begins each session with, “It’s Time!”

Yesterday began as one of those days. I slept

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