Darth Oz Hates Down Syndrome

Confession: Sometimes Sunday starts and I don’t feel like Broadway List (Sunday morning writing time with Marcus). Maybe I’ve got my mind full of my own to-do list, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m just a little too, whatever, to encourage and document Marcus’ enthusiasm. There have been times I’ve asked him to postpone, maybe later that day or maybe even later in the week we will write together. It’s not easy to talk him into this, he very enthusiastically begins each session with, “It’s Time!”

Yesterday began as one of those days. I slept

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A Little More about the Evolution of a Story

Marcus and I are writers. The good thing about being a writer is a writer is a writer no matter what. There is no prequalification other than to create – to tell the stories that dance in your imagination – and then to carve, frame, and sculpt those stories into something… Something more.

As Marcus and I started talking to groups about creating Black Day, the first thing I realized that needs clarification is: Marcus did not just sit down and tell me a complete tale in one sitting. No, good stories, At least in our world, require time, questions,

Black Day: About Band Name and Influences

PumpkinheadOne day Marcus started telling me about a monster band.

The band comprised of Frankenstein on drums, Dracula on keyboard, and a werewolf played guitar. When I asked him the name of this band, he told me, “Black Day.”

Ah. Perfect.

Black Day came after Gold Day

I wasn’t surprised because his own alter-ego band is Gold Day. Gold, a good bright yellow gold, is his favorite color. The band Gold Day was founded in his mind years ago after he started sharing interest with our

What is the Broadway List? (& Writing Black Day)

A few years ago Bob Fischbach from the Omaha World Herald asked me, “When did Marcus become interested in Broadway?” It was a tricky question to answer, because it feels like Marcus and Broadway have been synonymous for, well…always. Certainly he’s always loved and been a performer. He is attracted to a microphone like a magnet and if there is a free stage, he finds his way on it.

But we nailed it down to the first show he saw in NYC, The Lion King. There was plenty of theatre before that, but this was - BROADWAY.