Marcus and the Stars

Are you effing kidding me?! I want to tell you all about everything, but…is  too much! Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So let’s start with this video:

Alright, yeah, Jamie Foxx was cool.

Then there was Madeline Stuart, her Mum, and entourage, I was a bit of a fan-girl, there. I tried to look calm, but I’m not gonna lie – the fact that she walked alongside Marcus at the finale’ just made my heart EXPLODE.

Marcus’ Big Announcement #1

You know what didn’t cross my mind in those hours after my son was born and nurses spoke in hushed tones while a social service worker hovered outside my hospital room…when certain family members chose to scoff at certain other family member’s expression of love over doom?

The United Nations.

WDSD16On June 20th, 1990, I did not once think of the UN. And yet, yesterday I received an email from Down Syndrome International inviting Marcus and I to speak at

15 minutes about the Birthday Weekend

Free Write Friday Right Here 🙂

It was a weekend full of festivities, Marcus turned 24.

We started with a breakfast with our good friend Camille.

That worked out well for Marcus’ food plan, which was a big part of his birthday wishes. He wanted to eat the foods we’ve been trying to avoid, and some we haven’t avoided but are his favorites. The list for his birthday party included, but was not limited to: biscuits and gravy, cheese burger, French fries, hot dogs, cheese pizza, a round

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