In Which I Explain

sigToday I am going to try to explain myself, this website, its name and purpose, but not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in any order, as a matter of fact. I think I’ll start with answering a few “why’s” instead.

Why did I create this website?

theinnocentpricebookI created as a platform builder for a novel series called The Innocent Prince. The Innocent Prince is a fantasy that explores the “what if” a prince were born

It’s My Birthday – So Let’s Talk About Me

I’m a Leo. So it stands to reason, for my fortieth birthday, I celebrated for a whole month. Really. I had more than one big party and several small parties, all in the name of my birthday. One night, I sang for like, seven hours at Karaoke, another I reserved a deck for an outdoor concert, I went to smaller, intimate dinners, lunches and brunches, and well, you get the idea. i mention it because… 

This year I am forty-five.

And…I actually didn’t remember my birthday was barreling down on me until

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