What is the Broadway List? (& Writing Black Day)

A few years ago Bob Fischbach from the Omaha World Herald asked me, “When did Marcus become interested in Broadway?” It was a tricky question to answer, because it feels like Marcus and Broadway have been synonymous for, well…always. Certainly he’s always loved and been a performer. He is attracted to a microphone like a magnet and if there is a free stage, he finds his way on it.

But we nailed it down to the first show he saw in NYC, The Lion King. There was plenty of theatre before that, but this was - BROADWAY.

Down Syndrome and Anything Can Happen (if you let it)

So, there we were, day of the show and being followed by reporters and photographers. Marcus was learning his stage places from Geoffry, I watched…


And also a little jealous.

What Marcus was doing and going to do was pretty darn cool. And scary. And cool.MP Stuff

That was three Years ago today. Marcus went on stage as “Kite Boy” and performed WITH the Broadway Across America cast of Disney’s Mary Poppins.  Not just a rehearsal. Not a pretend. Not a Meet-and-greet. He walked on stage, acted and sang with these stars of

Marcus on stage with Mary Poppins

“Raise the curtain things you thought impossible*”

Marcus sang onstage alongside the Broadway Across America cast of Mary Poppins in Omaha’s Orpheum Theatre like he owned the show. On the three year anniversary of his stage debut, I’ll share the story. Part One – How did he get there?

 Puttin’ on the Ritz

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