Momaha: How I went from gold medal worrier to luckiest mom I know

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Earlier this month, I stood next to my son, Marcus, while he spoke to a room of more than 1,200 spectators. It was unbelievable to witness.

The event was the star studded “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself” fashion show, which took place Nov. 11 in Denver. The Global Down Syndrome Foundation hosts this event each year to raise money to continue research and improve medical care for people with Down syndrome. Marcus was named the 2017 “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself” Ambassador.

As the parent

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Momaha Feature on Marcus’ Birthday

OK – so maybe it was nearly a month ago, we’ve been busy. 🙂 

Let’s sit like new friends over coffee and I’ll tell you about my son. He turns 26 today and he’s had a really big year. I don’t want to be a show-off, but…I am his mom and I am proud. Like the time a few years ago when I sat with another new friend (instead over wine) and we talked for hours, filled in the blanks by adding exposition to our ideas, days and dreams. Our sons were similar ages, just into

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