A Short PSA to New Parents of a Child with Ds


The Best Days Start with PBJ

Saturday launched with a peanut butter sandwich in Times Square, where we met many friends, some of which we knew before we got there, but not all. Then we watched a big screen in the city that never sleeps and saw babies we “awwwwed,” people we “Cool!”-ed, and – the man we came to see – Marcus.

Marcus on the big screen!

I don’t remember seeing him but I must’ve for the split second it took to hit record on my

NDSS Times Square Video

So the last several years we’ve submitted a photo of Marcus for consideration for inclusion in the Times Square Video. Well, this year – He’s In!  So, although this isn’t our event – We will be there! Staring at the “jumbo tron” for a peek and Marcus *With our friend Charley Palmer* – Two awesome guys in one shot!

If you want to support Marcus’ NYC Buddy Walk Page – any amount will help – Go here. 

If YOU’RE going to be there – reach out and let us know!


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Why you won’t find a Life Expectancy Stat in The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Life Expectancy When Jen Jacob asked the seemingly straightforward question on Facebook during Down Syndrome Awareness Month: ”What was life expectancy for someone with Down syndrome in 1910? What is it today?” This prompted a short “earful” from me, because the answer is not as easy as people are led to believe.

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