Are You Sure That’s Normal?

Normal. What does normal mean to you? Is it a good thing? On TV’s sitcoms, the awkward teen wishes he could just have a normal family. The reluctant super-hero wishes he could have a normal life.

Most of the people I hang out with, and this may shock you, aren’t exactly normal. Nor would they ever desire to be. Which, of course, is a lie. There are times we all wish we could be a little more normal, normal gives the illusion of easy, without problems, or obstacles.

This is a Blog Hop. So, hoppers: What do you think? What are the ups and downs of normal? What’s normal anyway? Do you wish for it or abhor it?

Here are a few of my non sequitur thoughts about normal:

“Normal is overrated” says my T-shirt &

“Normal is boring” says my friend, Char.