Marcus’ Top 3 Lessons From our NYC Trip


SO it’s already been about two months since WDSD. I took notes, as I do, while we were there but I also wanted to stew in them a minute, simmer into my consciousness a little from life in the city full of every language, highest of highs and lowest of lows, decadence, poverty, and the arts. Our trip kicked off with March 21 at the United Nations, listening to advocates from around the world; It was amazing and I shared my wrap up of

Worlds Collide – With Pictures

A very brief overview of the last few weeks. Very brief…

Worlds Collide? Wow, that sounds violent.

But it’s not, it’s natural.

Maybe instead I should say worlds reflect, nah, too distant. Worlds Web? Closer.

These last few weeks our passions, our friends, our prospects braided together, intertwined, and we spun around among them. My work, Marcus’ work, my friends, his friends, our ambitions, our play-time, and on and on…Marcus and I have been away from home for two weeks.

We began in NYC. March 21st we went to the United Nations for

What is the Broadway List? (& Writing Black Day)

A few years ago Bob Fischbach from the Omaha World Herald asked me, “When did Marcus become interested in Broadway?” It was a tricky question to answer, because it feels like Marcus and Broadway have been synonymous for, well…always. Certainly he’s always loved and been a performer. He is attracted to a microphone like a magnet and if there is a free stage, he finds his way on it.

But we nailed it down to the first show he saw in NYC, The Lion King. There was plenty of theatre before that, but this was - BROADWAY.

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