Marcus & the Loud Mouths Festival


 Marcus enjoys both watching theatre and participating.

It all began as a small child, when he would act out entire TV shows, movies, and ideas in a combination of pantomime and song. Now, as a young adult he pursues more public shows.

The Ollie Webb Center in Omaha has a program called The Art of Imagination. This is the third year of the “Loud Mouths” production put on by Jim Hoggatt.

*Ok – New Note* This post originally went live May 22 of 2014. I’m re-posting it today as #TBT because it’s a memory

What are the Odds – Denise Gehringer

Hello Folks – You ready to meet another family from our great 1969362_10203813222583570_3508529681561793857_nand diverse community? Well, Denise is a mom I’ve actually met in real life and lives here in Omaha. Yes – I actually talk to real people sometimes. Not too often, of course, but sometimes.

I know Denise from our local Arc chapter, The Ollie Webb Center. She is the program coordinator for six programs at Ollie Webb Center, Inc.-Arc of Omaha: The Next Chapter Book Club, The PRISM Project


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