Marcus & the Loud Mouths Festival


 Marcus enjoys both watching theatre and participating.

It all began as a small child, when he would act out entire TV shows, movies, and ideas in a combination of pantomime and song. Now, as a young adult he pursues more public shows.

The Ollie Webb Center in Omaha has a program called The Art of Imagination. This is the third year of the “Loud Mouths” production put on by Jim Hoggatt.

*Ok – New Note* This post originally went live May 22 of 2014. I’m re-posting it today as #TBT because it’s a memory

What are the Odds – Denise Gehringer

Hello Folks – You ready to meet another family from our great 1969362_10203813222583570_3508529681561793857_nand diverse community? Well, Denise is a mom I’ve actually met in real life and lives here in Omaha. Yes – I actually talk to real people sometimes. Not too often, of course, but sometimes.

I know Denise from our local Arc chapter, The Ollie Webb Center. She is the program coordinator for six programs at Ollie Webb Center, Inc.-Arc of Omaha: The Next Chapter Book Club, The PRISM Project

Menschen, Arc, and More Marcus

Connor Long and the cats of Menschen Connor Long and the cats of Menschen

So we got to see Menschen the movie on the big screen.

I wrote my original review and all subsequent rants after seeing it on the small screen of my computer. Seeing it in a theater environment, as it was intended, moved me in new ways. One reason, because I felt like, up to this point, I held a secret that I was just bursting to share. I delighted


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