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Connor Long and the cats of Menschen Connor Long and the cats of Menschen

So we got to see Menschen the movie on the big screen.

I wrote my original review and all subsequent rants after seeing it on the small screen of my computer. Seeing it in a theater environment, as it was intended, moved me in new ways. One reason, because I felt like, up to this point, I held a secret that I was just bursting to share. I delighted

Marcus Sings and Dances Since the Last Free Write Friday

Hello Friends,

Last Friday night Marcus want to a Halloween dance that is sponsored annually by a local organization that serves adults with developmental disabilities, The Ollie Webb Center. He looked pretty sharp. Exhibit A:

Marcus Cat in the Hat He’s an odd bird about these sort of events. He really wants to go and looks forward to it. Then he goes and finds himself a corner to dance in and pretty much doesn’t talk to anybody while he’s there. I get

Getting Ready for Halloween

Tonight Marcus Prepares for a Halloween Dance with the folks at The Ollie Webb Center. He L-O-V-E-S to dance. And ever since he discovered "the robot," well, it's been all over for any other dance style.

Once, he practically took over a friend's wedding reception when Styx: Mr. Roboto began playing. Not because he took the whole dance floor, but because he Performed and everyone stopped to watch. He didn't care, by the way, he was neither invigorated or daunted by the attention. He doesn't dance for anyone but himself, you know, like everyone says it should be?

ANYway, back to Halloween. Starting in , well, let's see, let's say...November, Marcus begins thinking of what to be for the next Halloween. It changes daily, or more, especially as the day actually nears.

Fortunately he usually settles on something "easy," lucky for me.

SO here are a few previous Halloween pics:

Crazy like a Rock Star

I’m going public with two unspoken truths:

1) Singing Karaoke is scary.

It is.

Why do you think people get drunk before they do it?

Because it’s scary.

2) I like karaoke bars.

It’s true.

I like the whole karaoke experience.

Often, the moments I like the best is when a group of several singers take the stage and “rock out,” both on key and off. I can tell you, it’s unusual that anyone who actually knows the song is holding a microphone. But they smile and dance and sing their hearts out. The sound can be, let’s say - off - but the festivity, the merriment of the moment is palpable. I love to see it.

The fact is I like to witness people having a good time. I like to watch happy.


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