Marcus and Kurt Elling Sings Sinatra

Let’s talk about music, again, some more…

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As we do in the Sikora house. We talk about music…a lot, and we enjoy and live and breathe music…a lot. SO, Marcus and I are very excited to have been invited by the Omaha Performing Arts to attend the Kurt Elling sings Sinatra show at the 1200 club in the Holland Center. Even if you can’t join us there, I’ve got

Getting Ready for Christmas Music!

theatre thursday

Have you ever felt almost outside of yourself?

Like your spirit moved? Have you ever felt simultaneously connected and disconnected in a way that something, somewhere, what was inside of you is now…Am I getting too spooky for you? It’s hard to articulate this sort of feeling.

For me, it happens with only one medium – music.

Live music. Music can move within me, surround me, empower me, and bring me to my knees. It’s only logical I married a

Quinn & Marcus will be Exploring the Red Planet


Brain Health Isn’t all Work

I remember adults saying to my brother, “How come you can remember every line to Star Wars, but you can’t remember your spelling words?” I always thought that was, well frankly, a stupid question. Because clearly, he didn’t care about the spelling words and he cared about Star Wars…duh, Grown-ups. Eesh.

My brother is a super smart and talented person, even as an adult. He is also the exemplification of learning what interests him and excelling because of it and not worrying so much about “the rest.” There is merit


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