IQ, Creativity, & Looking For a Job

I have begun the process of applying for assistance with the Department of Health and Human Services. I’m told this is something we should have done years ago because it is an arduous process with a looonnngggg waiting list for services. Having sent the initial application and appropriate medical forms, I have one last set of paperwork to send: his MDT and IEPS. You other parents are likely already familiar with these acronyms, but in case not, the MDT is a Multi-Disciplinary Team (evaluation) and the IEP is Individualized Education Program (Plan in the UK).

OK – still with me?

So Sue Me…Guardianship

When Marcus turned 19 we began the guardianship process. Before we could be approved by the state as guardians, we had to take a class.

This annoyed me. I’ve been Marcus’ mom for half of my life, why do I now need a class? Turned out the class was really about paperwork. In order to protect innocent people from shysters, there is a lot of paperwork. Most of it regarding money. Well, this last year was the first year I had to account for money. Marcus began receiving SSI and also got a job. SO, every penny (I am not exaggerating, every penny) must be accounted for. I marked up an expandable file, created excel sheets, cross referenced to his checking account, kept receipts and notes and, when the annual report came due, consolidated and documented. Whew. Apparently, I did it wrong.


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