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words in the worldWhile Marcus and I were in NYC, we joined Dan via technology, and chatted about WDSD, Black Day, The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome, and also the #NotSpecialNeeds campaign.

Pop it in while you’re running, walking, cleaning the house, or whatever it is you do while listening to a podcast. 🙂

In preparation, watch the video of the Coordown campaign, that focusses on the #NotSpecialNeeds concept – here it is, also.



So we chatted a bit about this

Podcast and Song Premier with Marcus and Quinn

There can’t be a monster rock band without a monster rock song!

Quinn and Marcus did a podcast with the dads at Down Syndrome Radio and you too can take a listen and enjoy.

From their website:

Hopefully it is not a spoiler, but the book is about a band. So they decided to have fun with it and form the band (at least to record the title song). So if you listen in, you also get to listen to the song! We really liked the song but what was super cool was the reaction that my son Luke had – He

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