Today’s Topic: Laughter

In 7th grade, I prepared my first, “front of class” speech. My topic: laughter. Why do we laugh? More than just funny, sometimes out of nervousness, fear, and breaking tension. I included some cheesy, cheesy jokes, to…you know…break the ice.


I’m told that my father’s family once said to my mother, “The problem with your family is you judge happiness by laughter.” I’ve reflected on both what’s true, and maybe not so bad, about this perspective. I should write a post about that…later.


I recently wrote, “LEARNING TO CELEBRATE LOVE” I put a lot of thought into it (more than

Marcus and Quinn and The Count

Soooo, as you know, Marcus and Quinn spend time every Sunday recording their voices and generally amusing themselves in a program called ProTools. Mostly, it is Marcus directing Quinn to do voices from various animated TV shows or similar. Well – Today I stumbled upon this in my old files and being October, I thought it would be fun to share:


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