Marcus Isn’t Selling Down Syndrome

He’s Selling a Halloween Book

44649402Marcus is an author who has Down syndrome. He is a self-proclaimed (and proven) storyteller. As authors, we are taught; “People don’t buy books, they buy stories,” and sometimes these stories include the story of the author. Plus, in social networking and marketing we are taught, people don’t “like” an organization/website/whatever-you’re-selling, they “like” a community. People “like” being a part of something. Consequently authors, especially new authors, have to start with who they know.

Our Community

Our community is full of people

About Being Kind, About Judgy People, and Relationship Hairballs

At a very young age, I realized, “Everybody’s got something.” The “something” is the hidden battle, the hard bits, that may or may not be public. A secret, a trauma, a disability, a hardship, a “something.”

When a was, I don’t know, like 10…? Two neighbor kids “played school” and taught me my home phone number. Yes, 10.

I was a conundrum. My family often described me as “7 going on 30.” I was cynical and had an early mastery of dark comedy. I was a thinker. Yet, I struggled with some very

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Go ahead, piss me off, it’s your right

Ok – I’m going to go ahead and go on this rant, because I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, I’m awake and because Texas has pissed me off. That could be the start of many blog subjects, eh?

The crux for those of you that want the short version is this: I’m glad to live in a country where it is your right to do and or say stuff that I wish you wouldn’t.

It's Your Right

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