Marcus’ New Jeans and Fashion Show Auditions


Today – we’re going to talk about fashion.

Marcus’ new Downs Designs jeans and his model audition

I am not a talented “Suzie-homemaker,” which I perceive as someone who can wallpaper and sew and serves a “complete breakfast” every morning, and so on. When house-shopping I said to the realtor, “If the word potential even crosses your mind: do not show me the house.” I cannot paint. I cannot lay new carpet. It took me over a year to put pictures on the wall.

And sewing. Yeah….no. This includes everything. If a shirt has

“Level Up” and AIMS review


road with spot color rsThe best way to hear a new album is on a road trip. Or, barring that, a midnight drive. In circles if necessary. Nothing beats hearing a melody pushing your mind and a beat pulse through you while driving down the highway. Lyrics hit you in a space where you can hear them ; you’re locked in to get the message.

Now, the video for track one of Vienna Teng’s new album AIMS, “Level Up,” is great and moving.

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the 1200 CLUB is Perfect for “Date-Night”

Busy Weekend Coming Up

To start with, a bit of quality time with each of my boys next Saturday, April 12th.

First, Marcus and I are going to the Spring Game at Memorial Stadium. You know – where the Nebraska Huskers split their team into two teams and play for the fans. It’s practice, right? But we all get to eat hot dogs and sit in the sun (hopefully) and cheer on our team.  Marcus and I and about 45,000 other friends will be there.

Each year I have to explain it all to

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Disney Live Three Classic Fairy Tales Marcus’ and My Review

Marcus is, of course, a huge fan of Disney and especially their theatre productions: Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King and Newsies. We did not have the opportunity to see The Little Mermaid live on Broadway, or Tarzan. (Although they are both also of great interest to Marcus and we enjoy the soundtracks and rare youtube videos.) Each of these are HUGE Dollar Productions focused on savvy Broadway audiences and they all have had, let's just say, seriously pricey tickets to match. However, this show gave us a chance to enjoy the stories, the songs, and the fun of Disney close to home and without breaking the bank. In fact, at first glance at the ticket prices, my knee-jerk reply was to worry about what the show quality would bring. Then I quickly reminded myself that Disney takes very good care of its brand, and they did not disappoint.

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