Review: Amy and the Orphans

Can you handle the truth?

When my son was born, in 1990, the pediatrician gave me a book on parenting. The first line read something like, “Do not put your child in an institution,” yet a social worker hovered in the hallway, checking if I was, in fact, bringing my baby with Down syndrome home.

Today my son, Marcus, is an author, speaker, and advocate. Also, an avid theater buff, so when the Playbill article came onto his feed that Jamie Brewer, an actress with Down syndrome, would be playing the lead role of Amy in a Broadway

Black Day Reviews!


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Introducing The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome


PGTDS - bToday let’s talk about the newly published book, The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome.

(Insert quiet side squeal of delight. Clear throat. Begin again.)

Dear New Parents,

In the spring of 2015, the original title suggested by Adams Media included the phrase: “new parents.” So as Jen and I began our drafts, new parents and the idea of speaking to new parents, lingered in the forefront

Book Tour – The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome

PGTDS - bThe Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome

You’ve seen the build-up. You’ve read the pre-sale info. Now it’s time to hear from the readers. This page links to our first Blog Book Tour. Go Team! Also you can register here or on any of the blogs listed for a great Grand Prize!  The PGtDS Care Package includes: “I Love Someone with Down Syndrome” tote, fancy T21 stickers, a registration to the 2016 321 eConference, a copy of The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome as well


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