Vigils For Ethan Saylor

When someone we love is robbed from us, it feels like the world should stop. Actually, it does. For a moment. And we look around us, jealous that others are still living, working and being alive.  – From “A Mother’s Tears

We are nearing the two year anniversary of the death of Ethan Saylor, a man I never knew, but who has been in my thoughts much since I first read his name. Over the last few months Ethan’s name has come into the press with a few mentions as

Ethan Saylor – Nearly One Year

What is merely a nightmare to me is truth to another.

Nearly one year ago Patti Saylor drove to a local movie theater to help her son, Ethan, get a new movie ticket or convince him it was time to come home, and by the time she arrived he lay dead on the theater floor.

I do not know Patti Saylor and I never knew Ethan.

I love someone who also could have died in that situation.

Robert Saylor and You

The report indicates that Saylor's death by asphyxiation is certified as a homicide because the man would not have died if it weren't for the presence of the officers. In response to a call for an independent investigation, the DOJ representative is quoted as saying, “We’re trying to assess the situation and see how much community tension there is.”


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