Checking In

I’ve been sick. Not THE sick, but sick.

When I first started coughing, I went to a “quickie mart” in the mall across from the hotel and bought chips, chocolate, water, cough drops, and a thermometer. The man at the register asked, “Are you panic buying?” I didn’t quite understand him at first, so I replied with a little nervous laugh. He went on, “Everyone is panic buying…they have bought all of the sanitizer and alcohol.” Finally, I understood him. “Ah,” I said, flustered but trying to look cool, “As long as there’s still whisky, we’ll be alright.” When I

My Best Self-Care Advice – Short and Sweet

Everything I know about self-care, I’ve learned the hard way. Still am.

Sometimes, it’s hard to reconcile that taking care of yourself is an act of love for others. Yet, it’s true.

As a mother, I cannot give my son the attention and security he deserves if I don’t take care of my own body and mind.

As a wife, I cannot give my husband the energy and focus he desires, if I’m not healthy and alert.

And on it goes…right?

Plus, self-care is a hot topic because it’s a hot seller.

Truth is, the best actions to take for yourself don’t cost money and

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Me and You and a Lark Blow Dry for Two

Before rsIt’s no secret, I’m a semi-hippie, or at least I look like one. I rarely wear make-up and if I do, it’s hardly enough to merit the effort. I am most comfortable in earth tones and long skirts. And I wear my hair long and straight. As the white hair comes in (as it has since I was in my mid-twenties) I am less and less inclined to color it out.

So what was I – of all people – doing in

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