Lessons in Love and Laughing in the Rain

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Getting Caught in The Rain

Let me tell you, until you’ve had a school bus full of children (presumably) laughing. Loudly. As they pass the street corner where you are frantically covering and moving garage sale “treasures” while being soaked by an unexpected downpour, you haven’t lived. That is one small moment from yesterday which is why Free Write Friday is actually on Saturday, this week. 


This week flew pretty quickly by me, Richard Dawkins and an unexpectedly morbid and outdated website, ironically called

Friends, The Human Condition

Hello Folks,

On Wednesdays I try to share something that will help Change The Your World.


Watch this:

Read about it here.

Allow it to change you, or break you, or fix you. Allow it to open you up.

Why are we here?

I don’t know. But while we’re here, let’s all make a go of it and cherish life.

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