What Forces People into Sheltered Workshops?

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In my ongoing rant about the shifting tide for sheltered workshops, here’s the next question:

Does the mere existence of the sheltered workshop format limit options for those who will be better served by broader opportunities within the community?

Yes, it appears to be the case. I can literally hear in my mind the conversation–“Why do you (company) not employ those who are differently abled?” and the Dickens’ reply comes, “Are there not sheltered workshops? Institutions? Places for these people to be held?”

Why Sheltered Workshops Work

workshop picI’ve been stewing and talking about the Sheltered Workshop Situation for several months and now, World, here’s Part One of my rant –

The Loud Opposition About Pay

Alright, we’re Americans. So let’s start with money.
When the subject of sheltered workshops and monetary exploitation comes up, I ask myself,  Based on whose values? Whose choice? Whose self-worth? and Who is deciding what makes a person worthy or feel worthy. It is true a person in a sheltered workshop may make .25 cents an

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Scary New Thing – Free Write Friday

Free write FridayToday we start a scary new experiment: The Friday Free Write. Where I rant about the week, for 15 minutes, right into the blog. On Fridays. Are you ready for this?

Sheltered Workshops

First thing on my mind is the blog I wrote yesterday for “The Road,” where I finally throw my hat into the ring and talk about my “stand” on Sheltered Workshops. This is just the beginning, friends, I hope to say and do more about this in the coming weeks and I’ll


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