Shrek: Truth and Tickets Giveaway

The Rose Performing Arts for Children and Families in Omaha Presents Shrek The Musical.

SHrek the Musical at The Rose

Shrek is a crowd favorite in the Sikora home. In fact, it was just featured prominently in the session Marcus and I just gave this weekend, “Storytelling as Advocacy.” We shared the key components to a good story in addition to how (and why) you can use these stories in advocacy efforts. It was pretty jam packed with information – but let me leave you with this.


What is the Broadway List? (& Writing Black Day)

A few years ago Bob Fischbach from the Omaha World Herald asked me, “When did Marcus become interested in Broadway?” It was a tricky question to answer, because it feels like Marcus and Broadway have been synonymous for, well…always. Certainly he’s always loved and been a performer. He is attracted to a microphone like a magnet and if there is a free stage, he finds his way on it.

But we nailed it down to the first show he saw in NYC, The Lion King. There was plenty of theatre before that, but this was - BROADWAY.

Notes about Marcus from this week

Hello Friends,

Marcus had heavy dental work done this week. He was 3 hours under anesthesia, had caps put on, cavities filled, and 4 teeth pulled.  I’m sad and guilt ridden about the teeth pulling (and the rest as well, to be honest). I won’t bore you with those details today, I promise to bore you with that later. Well, maybe not promise, so much.


I’ve discovered in passing conversation that a few people I know actually do read this blog. So in deference to those checking in, here are a few brief notes from the day.

Wristband Anxiety

We practiced with the wristbands.

Marcus & Shrek the Musical – 1

shrekYesterday Marcus and a few friends and I had a “Musical Marathon.” We listened to Broadway soundtracks and watched musicals all day. His kind of day.

His favorite Broadway musical is Shrek the Musical.

Now, if you are a theatre connoisseur, resist the temptation to thumb your nose at the concept of animation turned theatre concept. As we all know, Lion King made that assumption null and void.

The fact is Marcus was a huge Shrek fan from movie one and when we saw a musical was in the