In honor of Mother’s Day

It seems to me that, regardless of what was to come next, this would have always been the most important day of my life. I got to hold him for a moment; I counted ten fingers and ten toes. He was the most precious boy ever born. I called my father to tell him that he was Grandpa Mark to a beautiful boy named Marcus, so named out of love and gratitude. All was going according to plan.

At about 8:00 a.m., the doctor came into the room and told me there were some concerns.

#NeverAlone and Down Syndrome Diagnosis

It’s Thursday October 1st. That means today is the first day of #DSAM15 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month, or as I like to call it:

Down Syndrome Awareness/Advocacy/Acceptance/(be)Awesome Month!

As a blogger it is my duty to be a part of what I call the Google-War: The battle to get current, positive information into the ether when folks Google the diagnosis Down syndrome. One way we do this is in October when bloggers rise to the challenge of 31 for 21. The mission is to put up a blog Every. Day. (in October.)

The R Word Evolution

I’ve heard people use the term retarded, retard, or ‘tard in casual conversation and when I register it, it feels like a pinprick to my sensibilities. I try not to feel offended. One time, however I worked with someone who tossed the word retarded around anytime she made an error or became annoyed by someone else. I took it in stride as an idiosyncrasy of hers. One day, however, she made an error or forgot something and instead said “Call me Corey,” something something… Suddenly it was all different to me, when she spoke of retarded she meant a person with Down syndrome. Wait a minute. That’s not a casual disregard, that’s hurtful and wrong. That’s not cool.

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Recipe For Time

The Christmas Tree is Still Up at Our House

“The angels are really cupids. Aren’t they cute with the cuddling snowmen?”

February arrived and I dubbed the small tree put up for Christmas a “Valentine’s Day Tree.” The thing is, I barely had time to put up the tree before Christmas and I haven’t had any time since to put it away. I’m so tired.

I’ve heard if I eat better, I’ll have more energy. I’m told if I exercise, I’ll have energy. The problem, of course, is I don’t have time to do

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