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The Road We've SharedNow, to meet Stephanie. Where to begin? I guess for starters you should know that she and I each take turns being the “evil twin.” Some people when they meet learn to finish each other’s sentences. Stephanie and I, instead, start each other’s sentences, and someday when we meet in real life, we’ll probably never finish a sentence between us. She’s one smart cookie that’s pushed by love to go out and change the world. But that, you will shortly see for yourself. Here we go!

Lessons in Love and Laughing in the Rain

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Getting Caught in The Rain

Let me tell you, until you’ve had a school bus full of children (presumably) laughing. Loudly. As they pass the street corner where you are frantically covering and moving garage sale “treasures” while being soaked by an unexpected downpour, you haven’t lived. That is one small moment from yesterday which is why Free Write Friday is actually on Saturday, this week. 


This week flew pretty quickly by me, Richard Dawkins and an unexpectedly morbid and outdated website, ironically called

Changing the World for Families of Adults with Down Syndrome

CYWWOn Wednesdays I like to talk about changing the your world.


Today I’m going to tell you a little about Stephanie and her efforts to change the world.


Stephanie has created an online forum for the parents and caregivers of adults who have Down syndrome, called The Road We’ve Shared. The largest segment of the population with Down syndrome is, surprise surprise, adults. (Easy math, right?) And although every family’s situation is different and every individual with Down syndrome has different abilities and challenges,

It’s Time We Talked About Where I’ve Been

It’s time I confessed

I’ve been, well…seeing other people. Not in an unfaithful sort of way. You are, and always will be, my first love.  And by love I mean, web-readers.

It would be a lie if I said you were my first blog, but we don’t need to go into all of that right now.

“Who is she? This other blog?” You ask.


I answer. And Pause.


Surely, you knew…

Getting Around

Seriously, before this conversation gets any weirder,
I wanted to share where I’ve been and where else I’ll be on the world-wide-web.
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