Peter and The Starcatcher Giveaway for Theatre Thursday!

Marcus advised the First Graders in Toccoa, Ga, that to write stories you should:

“Practice your letters. Read Books. See Musicals. And Do what you want.”

theatre thursdayLately, since he’s been busy touring and speaking about Black Day: the Monster Rock Band, he hasn’t left much time for his own theater love. The thing is, all artists need to “refuel.” This is done with quiet, with self-care, and with other art. Marcus was disappointed to miss out on some of the shows that

Marcus and Kurt Elling Sings Sinatra

Let’s talk about music, again, some more…

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As we do in the Sikora house. We talk about music…a lot, and we enjoy and live and breathe music…a lot. SO, Marcus and I are very excited to have been invited by the Omaha Performing Arts to attend the Kurt Elling sings Sinatra show at the 1200 club in the Holland Center. Even if you can’t join us there, I’ve got

We are having one great Theatre Week!

theatre thursday


 We get to see the short film Menschen on the big screen. A little nervous, for my sensitive soul, but also looking forward to seeing our new friend Connor and his family and to be there when this movie is shared in my community. I’m pleased about that. I’m also nervous and excited for Marcus to see it.

Last night

We saw Motown the Musical, the

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“My Son Pinocchio” and Eugenics

theatre thursday

 Marcus and I saw My Son Pinocchio at the Elkhorn Community Theater on Sunday. Let me just start with, I didn’t love it.

Was it because the themes ran a bit too close to home?

A bit too close to the issues I find myself reading and writing about every day?

What? You’re thinking, From Pinocchio?

Well, yes. You see it was a different story than the one you already know. In the words

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