A Day in the Life of a Husker Football Fan

Marcus and I had a good day in Lincoln yesterday. Cold, but good.

I am a Husker Football fan. Marcus incrementally eased into fandom. Like most people, it started with the food and social aspect. He’d go to a live game with me once in a while, and take in the show of it. Several years back, the stadium added firework blasts after each score, that, on top of a brutal sunburn on the back of his neck, was the final straw. So he decreed, “I like the bar, instead.”

Memorial Stadium

This last week

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Let him Think

“…there’s a look to them. Like in the same way there’s a look that those kids with Down syndrome have. It has something to do with their facial expressions. It’s difficult to describe without using the word vague, so I’m just going to deploy it here. It’s a vague expression...” I read this and honestly, it’s something I’ve been pondering. I admit, I nag the boy. I tell him, “Stay present.” “Stay with me.” “What are you thinking about?” I barrage him with questions when we are headed somewhere public or in public. I want him to look present.


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