Can Time Stand Still

I wish had a time machine.

One where I could stop time for just myself. I could work. I could create. I could sleep. And then, when I step back into the spinning world, I would spend new time with those I care for in a most enjoyable and leisurely way. Oh, I could give so much more!

In the machine I could learn! I could learn between the minutes to be better prepared for the next. To improve. To grow.

It’s the biggest cheat I ever wished for.

Living Like We’ve Got 100 Junes

Hey June,

I’m not ready for you yet!  I had so many good intentions for May, and yet the bills are still scattered on the dining room table, because my office is still in disarray, and even the rebounder trampoline is still covered in papers I meant to get to. Get To. (Sigh)

Ah but June…

I am typing this from my back porch with the birds chirping away. The breeze is ever so slight. There’s not a cloud in the sky and I’m sitting in the shade from a giant cottonwood. My neighbor’s dogs start

Recipe For Time

The Christmas Tree is Still Up at Our House

“The angels are really cupids. Aren’t they cute with the cuddling snowmen?”

February arrived and I dubbed the small tree put up for Christmas a “Valentine’s Day Tree.” The thing is, I barely had time to put up the tree before Christmas and I haven’t had any time since to put it away. I’m so tired.

I’ve heard if I eat better, I’ll have more energy. I’m told if I exercise, I’ll have energy. The problem, of course, is I don’t have time to do

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Falling Leaves and Free Write Friday


I believe autumn plays tricks with time


Waking moments are fewer

The sun says “Hurry up” while

The wind pushes us along and

I swear time moves faster by

Taunting my to-do lists and

My goal sheets

Each minute holds the seconds more loosely than the last

And they fall away quickly like the leaves

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