Our Story of Down Syndrome: The Short Version

For the first 21 years or so of Marcus’ life, 

“Down syndrome” didn’t really come up,

and I kept our privacy setting as restricted. Not that I was hiding, I just wasn’t sharing. Why? Well, one reason is because most of those years were pretty, how shall I say this?


Not to me, you understand. But to an outsider. Seriously. What exactly is so exciting about going to work and going to school and living in Middle America? Not the stuff of reality TV programming. And I was

Five Ways We Are Celebrating WDSD – Join Us!



World Down Syndrome Day!!!!!!


Seriously. I love that 3-21 is World Down Syndrome Day.

This year 3-21 falls on a Saturday and you know what that means…Stuff to do all weekend long! This week is a huge gear up and we are all Go Go Go!

Who? What? Where? How can you join in, too? Well my friends, you’ve stopped at the right place ‘cause I’m giving you the skinny right now on


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