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Know something cool and interesting? Our Grown Ups and Downs Facebook Page now has over 1000 followers and the #1 city for our “likes” is, as you may expect, Omaha. The #2 city? London. I’ll tell you one of the reasons why – because we have made some very good friends, who we have yet to meet, across the great pond. One of them, you are going to meet today, as part of our What Are The Odds Series to introduce some of the diverse families in our community!

What are the Odds – Denise Gehringer

Hello Folks – You ready to meet another family from our great 1969362_10203813222583570_3508529681561793857_nand diverse community? Well, Denise is a mom I’ve actually met in real life and lives here in Omaha. Yes – I actually talk to real people sometimes. Not too often, of course, but sometimes.

I know Denise from our local Arc chapter, The Ollie Webb Center. She is the program coordinator for six programs at Ollie Webb Center, Inc.-Arc of Omaha: The Next Chapter Book Club, The PRISM Project

What are the Odds – Beth Sullivan

Let’s continue our What are the Odds Series. Today’s guest is the Chairperson of  the International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC), Beth Sullivan. I met Beth in real life in Las Vegas at the DSIA conference and we quickly connected with the phrase:

“It’s always the quiet ones…”

Let your imagination wander. 

Sullivan FamilyBeth lives in Kansas with her husband and children. Oliver is 10 and has Down syndrome and Sebastian is 9. When not advocating, Beth is a writer, reporter, book lover, avid

What Are the Odds – Sandra McElwee

Sean Odds

OK! We have won the lottery with this guest! I recently virtually met Sandra because, of all things, this photo of Sean and his birthday playing roulette on the blog, Who’s the Slow Learner? Looks fun, doesn’t it?

Well, it helped me to approach Sandra about the odds. And here’s where you all get lucky! No…wait..I’ll tell you at the end. SO, for now, let’s meet Mrs. McElwee:

Sandra Assimotos McElwee is an advocate for unborn babies with Down syndrome and created


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