They Probably will do More Amazing Things

Priceless = So precious that its value cannot be determined.

In July, Google Alerts led me to an article, which shared chunks of a letter that rocked my world. Today, I read the whole letter. I met the young writer responsible. And introduced Marcus to her and her schoolmates.

This week I am co-hosting a blog hop with the prompt “What is priceless about” – I intended to write about today, anticipating there would be much to tell. And there is. The moments that were tricky, there and lurking. The cool and surprising bits, like trading a book for a shave

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Amazing Closure to Heart Surgery Over 20 Years Ago

SO, like everyone I know, I’ve got a lot on my mind today. There are many words I hoped to put on paper today, in some fabulous order that would change the world, or at the very least entertain, educate, or inspire.  Instead, I’m too full.  My brain is too busy.  It happens.

Marcus at Seacrest StudiosMarcus and I just returned from another Denver trip where we shared Black Day: The Monster Rock Band at the Colorado Children’s hospital, among other things including a fashion

Marcus’ New Jeans and Fashion Show Auditions


Today – we’re going to talk about fashion.

Marcus’ new Downs Designs jeans and his model audition

I am not a talented “Suzie-homemaker,” which I perceive as someone who can wallpaper and sew and serves a “complete breakfast” every morning, and so on. When house-shopping I said to the realtor, “If the word potential even crosses your mind: do not show me the house.” I cannot paint. I cannot lay new carpet. It took me over a year to put pictures on the wall.

And sewing. Yeah….no. This includes everything. If a shirt has


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