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words in the worldWhile Marcus and I were in NYC, we joined Dan via technology, and chatted about WDSD, Black Day, The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome, and also the #NotSpecialNeeds campaign.

Pop it in while you’re running, walking, cleaning the house, or whatever it is you do while listening to a podcast. 🙂

In preparation, watch the video of the Coordown campaign, that focusses on the #NotSpecialNeeds concept – here it is, also.



So we chatted a bit about this

The Night I Spoke the Words

words in the worldI often filter my words, try to cook them down to the best bits, and parcel out what I share in any given story, however, sometimes, when I do not parcel, the words hit their mark. The point is made because the truth stands unfiltered.

“What is most personal is most general.” – Carl Rogers.

When I shared the words “What are you going to do when he grows up?” written almost exactly as they came

Words in the World – Mamalode

words in the worldHello Friends! Much to tell you, I know, I am Beeeehind!

So let’s start with this little ditty picked up by Mamalode.  The prompt was “Stories” but it ended up in “Aspire” – even better! And it published on #WDSD16 – Best YET!

I have to tell you, I like it. I hope you do too, go on, check it out and share away.


The Best Endings Aren’t.


Or Follow to it here: http://mamalode.com/story/detail/the-best-endings-arent

Break the Parenting Mold and Advocacy

Hello Friends! For this week Words in the World Wednesday –

words in the worldI’d like to introduce you to a new website for parents. Break the Parenting Mold launched March 1st and is preparing to help folks:

Whether they need a laugh, a reminder that they’re not alone, recipes, or ideas on sensory play, Break the Parenting Mold provides that support.

I am proud to be a contributor to their launch with the post, “Advocating to the Reasonable.” Hop on

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