Making “The List” of Famous People from Omaha

Wikipedia has a list called: “List of people from Omaha, NE.” I didn’t exactly count, but did a quick scroll estimate of about 200 people. As this is clearly not a list of all the people from Omaha, I think Wikipeida means to say is, “List of Famous people from Omaha.”

The list includes

folks like Fred Astaire, Warren Buffett, Gerald Ford, Malcom X, you know…the standards we learned in school. It also includes Dave Nelson, a professional skateboarder, Sally Fox, a laywer and politician, and Hallee Leah Hirsh, a young

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Menschen, Arc, and More Marcus

Connor Long and the cats of Menschen Connor Long and the cats of Menschen

So we got to see Menschen the movie on the big screen.

I wrote my original review and all subsequent rants after seeing it on the small screen of my computer. Seeing it in a theater environment, as it was intended, moved me in new ways. One reason, because I felt like, up to this point, I held a secret that I was just bursting to share. I delighted

RIP Sr. Mary Evangeline

SRE at school

Words In the World Wednesday

This last week I shared a tribute to a woman who made a difference in the lives of many families in my community. As my husband said, “She brought special needs education out of the Stone Age, and virtually single-handedly.” The founder of the Madonna School, Sister Mary Evangeline. I shared my tribute to her on the Madonna School Blog and also The Mighty graciously picked up the story. It made me smile to

On the “Front Page” of Huffington Post Crime


Hello Friends, Today I have an article in the Crime section of the Huffington Post. For the moment it is included on the “Front Page.” For the Love Of God, don’t go there. I can tell you in all honesty, it is the last page I ever would want to send you or even have an article/blog included within. Trust me. However, I am still sad and sickened, and I’m sure you are too, about the death of Ethan Saylor, and here’s the deal, more people still have to be made aware of this situation of there