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Friday, the hashtag #WhyIWrite trended. Today I am happy to join a Linkup “Why I Write” with the Finish the Sentence Friday gang. (Which, when I can get to it, is generally Finish the Sentence Sunday.) And also tell you about a super flash writing challenge.

The shortest answer:


Many writers love to talk and read about writing.

I’m no exception. This next piece of prose is an “oldie” for me.  So it feels

When Don’t Panic Meets Brian Wilson


No, it’s true.

Kind of all over the board, again.  On my write-about-to-do list: Alzheimer’s Disease and research, Marcus is honored by the Rise Awards, so many friends doing super cool stuff, self-advocates being publicly (and wrongly) “put in their place,” IQ cans and cant’s, how is cant’s supposed to be spelled, when cans outweigh everything and when they don’t, Marcus’ most recent school event, his upcoming modelling debut at the Global Fashion show.  Also on my mind is the Ethan Saylor Film Festival, the Human Trisome Project, and, if you can believe it, time-management.  Consequently, I’ve been

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Words in the World – Mamalode

words in the worldHello Friends! Much to tell you, I know, I am Beeeehind!

So let’s start with this little ditty picked up by Mamalode.  The prompt was “Stories” but it ended up in “Aspire” – even better! And it published on #WDSD16 – Best YET!

I have to tell you, I like it. I hope you do too, go on, check it out and share away.


The Best Endings Aren’t.


Or Follow to it here:

My Letter from Ernest

2015 was a huge learning year. With Marcus’ book and my own, with touring, with marketing and publishing, plus with life in general…

And, of course, with craft. Last year I moderated a writer’s panel and gave out the prompt, *Write a letter to yourself from an author you respect.* 

Dear Writers, listen up to what my imaginary version of Ernest has to tell me – and you –


Me, too.

letter from Ernest

That’s what I have


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